Tomales Bay in Point Reyes National Seashore

I ventured an hour and a half to go Kayaking in a beautiful part of Northern Cali. The drive was worth it. Beautiful rolling hills and tall Redwoods. Good people, Seals, and I touched an actual Jellyfish!

We found an abandoned set of houses where a gentleman named Clayton Lewis used to live making art and jewelry. Apparently he threw some wicked parties– The Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan apparently made a couple of appearances. I could tell the area was a special place and as much as possible I tried to not step into the houses and touch anything. It was so awesome.

Afterwards, I went with the group to have Oysters and pulled pork sandwiches.

All in all a wonderful day. Made some new friends and learned about nature and the history of the area.

I’ll definitely go again.

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