About Me


Dianna Lora

Master Redmage and Spoony Bard

NYC Chica living in SF, working in games and loving every minute of it. Experience in Client Development & Relations, Game Producing, Social Media, Community Management, and Marketing in Video Games / Tech in addition to: Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with an MBA in Entertainment Business with 10 years experience in the marketing, customer service, and project managing verticals Extensive experience managing projects and maintaining relationships with global companies across geographies Experience with researching, developing, and implementing advertising, marketing, and promotional strategies to build and expand the customer and community base Extensive experience with all avenues of digital marketing including online campaigns, Google analytics and paid search (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) Extensive experience with major (and minor) game industry events: E3, GDC, PAX East, NY Comic Con 9+ years of independent digital & social media public relations Strong interest in Partnerships + Licensing, Production and Marketing in Video Gaming Superb ability to work cooperatively, quickly and effectively in a team oriented environment Story Design & Script Editing Expert on Gaming Industry’s Complexities & Nuances Works Extremely Well Under Pressure Intelligent & Pro-active Work Ethic Team Player Avid Gamer Wicked Sense of Humor Knowledge of broadcasting, graphic designing, outline website functionality, email graphics and website designing Passionate about Video Games. Producin'. Cookin. Comics. Marvel Trivia. Spreading Positive Vibes in the Gaming Community. Chaotic Good. Being a weekend rockstar. Likes nerds and the color pink. Drop a line and say hi. I'm always up for a good chat!