Of frustration and defeat.  Being stepped on. Being undervalued. Under appreciated. Working your ass off to see others succeed.

SO TIRED of hearing my friends say they’re tired of walking by a meeting rooms and seeing it full of men.

We’re tired of hearing “She’s over-stepping herself” or “She’s too vocal” or “she acts like a know-it-all”  and witnessing these same men be vocal, over-step themselves, act like know it all and it be perfectly alright.

We’re tired of having discussions over and over again because these men are threatened by us and believe we’re undermining their power and authority simply because we asked a question that you didn’t know the answer to.

I’m tired of extending my hand to assist and then when it’s my turn to get mine I get no support.

I’m tired of expressing these frustrations and then told “stop being dramatic” or “you need to relax” or “you’re being emotional” or “stop complaining and do something”– I AM doing something. I’m still working. I’m still present. I’m still HERE. That, in and of itself,  is an accomplishment when the majority of the faces I see are MEN. When the people I see around me all have beards and say “dude”. I’m HERE because countless others have left. Don’t tell me I’m not working hard. Don’t tell me I’m not doing enough. Don’t tell me to “tough it out”. I AM!

And we still make less than you.

/rant off

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