the severing of ties

He’s getting married. and just like that it’s official. there can be no “what ifs” no “there’s still time” no rekindle. just like *that* your idea of him being yours forever is gone.

he doesn’t think about you anymore. hes moved on to someone else and someone else and someone else and the one.

hes moved on and you feel left behind.

the girl we both talked about and who I joked about. slightly jealous because we still loved each other even then.

and the conversation we had about who would get married first. I bet you. you bet me.

nope. it’s you.

I was scared of this day. I was so scared. the bottom would drop out when I found out.

I wanted to get married.. to you. only time in my life where I wanted to do it.

you’re not mine anymore. you’ve found her.

which means we were never meant to be. the severing of the hopes i had.

and me? I’ll move on. and keep a part of you that I had locked away just for myself. and in my dreams I’ll play pretend.

us sitting on the hill. Gazebo. your scent. kissing my tears. u singing “Hey jude”. It’s my favorite song. it reminds me of you.

I’ll move on. I’ll find someone new? the ache will fade. I know.

That doesnt make it hurt any less.

.. it should have been me. but it’s ok.

Please, just be happy.

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