The launch trailer harks back to Max’s tragic past as he…

The launch trailer harks back to Max’s tragic past as he reflects on the events that brought him from the remains of his life in New York to his lowest point yet: caught up in circumstances far beyond his control, out of his depth and on the edge in the darkest heart of Sao Paulo, Brazil. ___ We bring you a weekly podcast as well as updated video content, making sure the most important voice is always heard: YOURS! Gamer Reaction takes the reviews to the people you can trust: YOU. WEEKLY Podcast: Site: Twitter: Facebook: Donate: TAGS: Max Payne 3 Launch Video Rockstar Rockstar Games gameplay Max Payne design Max Payne tech Max Pain shooter video game Video games trailer bullet time action shooter Max Payne series Max Payne trailer xbox 360 xbox 360 game playstation 3 ps3 ps3 game pc pc game animation targeting technical design “PlayStation 3 (Video Game Platform)” Xbox360 Sony

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