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So I finished The Walking Dead Season Two a couple of months ago and I forgot to post my choices!!  I love Tell Tale.  They do a fantastic job of creating memorable characters and fantastic stories.

Season Two of the walking dead had its share of tough choices and the finale was no different.  I can’t wait for season 3.


If you don’t want to know what happens at the end of Season 2:


I protected the baby, obviously.

Went after Luke to try and save him. But what ended up happening was we BOTH fell through the ice and just as I was about to swim to the surface, a walker grabs Luke’s leg and pulls him down. I felt absolutely awful about this choice. It felt like this was completely my fault. He warned me to stay put but I got greedy.  :/

I didn’t ask to leave with Mike. #FuckArvoAmTR_Arvo_Angry

Seriously, fuck that guy.  Ohhh I’m getting mad again.


I looked away and let Kenny kill Jane. I think what she did was absolutely wrong and manipulative as fuck. How could you completely goad someone into flipping out? Especially when you know that he’s unstable and I’m the one who can talk him down. Like, seriously?? It made me wonder what she would do to me in the future and if she would pull something like this again to teach me another lesson. I don’t like to be manipulated and at the time I thought she did something horrible. 20140514132155!IHW_One_Eyed_Kenny

I know Kenny was unbearable sometimes. The guy had been through a lot. More than anyone in the game, arguably. He had his moments where he was too much of a control freak and would go off the deep end. Whenever he did, I was right there to bring him back to his senses and be the voice of reason. The dream scene with Lee reinforced the idea in me that sometimes people go on blind rages and we have to be able to forgive if they’re willing to move on and redeem themselves. Lee himself said that his moment of blind rage was the reason he was heading to jail. If it wasn’t for the people around him forgiving him for his past. He talked about redeeming oneself and I seriously felt like it was Lee telling me that I need to consider Kenny before I make rash conclusions.

Anyway, I obeyed Kenny’s wishes and I stayed at Wellington with AJ. This is where I started bawling on the N train on my way into Queens. When I say bawling I mean, I was crying fat tears and getting weird looks. Things that hit me hard was Kenny insisting and begging me to stay with AJ. It was just… AMAZING to see such character development from a dude that annoyed the shit out of me in the last game. Like, I liked him. I really did, but he was so difficult to love and little by little, I began to accept him as a flawed and very real character.  It completely redeemed Kenny in my eyes and, in the end, I felt that those who decided to kill him gave up on him as a person.

Walking-dead-episode-3-lee-and-clementine-rv1-850x560I also felt like Lee’s pep/dream flashback talk prepared me for this moment and I had become a better person– even though it hurt like hell to listen to Kenny’s wishes. PS: That Lee dream sequence was just.. absolutely wonderful and it really

Kenny became a Lee figure– saving me and AJ so we could go on and live our lives safe.

…I could go on and on about this. I feel Telltale Games did it again and made another fantastic game that had some emotionally hard hitting, difficult decisions bundled with some fantastic storytelling.

I’m convinced— yet again, that Clementine is one of the greatest characters in video game history. Not just for the story, but how easy it is for you to BE her. At first it was me in the beginning, but then I found myself making these decisions and Clem and legit roleplaying as her. I remembered what my parents taught me, but more importantly, I remembered what the Lee— arguably the most important/influential person in my life, taught me.  I did right by Lee and in turn did right for me and the people around me. It’s perfect.



Keep up the good work Telltale. Honestly, you guys rock.  Also, love you Clem. And Kenny, please come back? .. please?


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