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Created in 2004, PAX or Penny Arcade eXpo, has been hailed as an expo that celebrates gamer (table-top/PC/Console games) culture. The original PAX started in Seattle and quickly spread to Boston, Australia, and recently announced, San Antonio, TX. With an estimated almost 80,000 people planned to attend, PAX isn’t a small event.

Defining characteristics of the festival include an opening keynote speech from an industry insider, game-culture inspired concerts, panels on game topics, exhibitor booths from independent and major game developers and publishers, a LAN party, tabletop game tournaments, and video game freeplay areas.

Pax Showroom floor

“I was fortunate enough to head over to Boston and participate in the yearly event that participants call PAX East.”

I had the honor of being invited to moderate a panel with a wonderful group of women from all different facets of the gaming industry. We had writers, editors, community managers, producers, developers and even an Emmy winner. It was so refreshing to have such a diverse group of women in one place talk about important issues that effect other women— not just in the gaming industry, but all industries.

Every industry has its issues— and we go into deep discussion about said issues in the panel. What’s important is not allowing those issues to define us as an industry. It’s important that we all work together and help each other succeed. It was important to me that we brought a positive message that empowered and inspired not just women, but anyone who sat in and listened.

The panel was a humbling experience and and the feedback was inspiring. I look forward to hosting another panel next year!

Check out the summary and video below.


“Join the panel of women in the gaming industry as they discuss Why It’s AWESOME To Be A Female In the Gaming Industry.”

The gaming industry gets bigger and bigger every year and women are starting to make a larger presence in both the media and development side! Ever wonder how they got into the assumed male-dominated industry? Have questions on how you can follow in their footsteps?

Tatjana Vejnovic [Editor-in-chief, Ask Tatjana], – @Digital_Vix3n
Susan Arendt [Managing Editor, Joystiq], – @SusanArendt
Sarah LeBoeuf [News Editor, The Escapist], – @sarahthebeef
Dianna Lora [Community Manager, Dualshockers], – @GrlpantsGR
Maylene Garcia [Senior Games Producer, Nickelodeon], – @thegamergoddess
Karen Rivera [Managing Editor, Pixelitis] – @karen_p_rivera

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