On Anders and Dragon Age Keep

I was finishing up some selections on Dragon Age Keep and selecting this option in the Keep hurt my heart a little.


Faced with the opportunity to save him and bring him back, I thought to myself: “AWESOME! I can still disagree with what he did and not kill him for it.” But, what did that really mean to me?

I contemplated it for a little bit and I had to be honest with myself. As much as it hurt to kill him, I had to. I have to stick to my guns on this and let sleeping Anders lie. (bad joke I know)

Now that I think about it, I didn’t want Sebastian to bring “The fury of Starkhaven” to Kirkwall over my decision.(yeah right, Sebastian)

It was my choice to kill him. It was my choice to not forgive him for murdering so many people. He should have TALKED to me, dammit! I would have LISTENED!! I still get angry at what he did. Blowing up a damn church?!? COME ON!!  *calms down*

So why am I having such a hard time with this decision. I had no problems checking off that other peopled died during my games.  Why am I refusing to accept that Anders is gone? — I didn’t even ROMANCE him for goodness sake!



I think more than anything, I felt betrayed by his decision and I really didn’t want to kill him but I felt like I was given no choice. What he did was unforgivable. But even so, faced with the choice to not kill him and bring him back… I’m torn.  

Dragon Age Keep is a temptation that allows those of us who regret our decisions to go back and fix them. But is that right? We shouldn’t be able to fix them so easily. It kind of takes the consequences of your actions out of your hands a bit.

.. are you as tormented about this as I am? Let me know and help me get through this super tough decision.

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