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So yeah.. I had a kickass posting that I had prepped and ready to go and I lost all of it. That was 4 days ago. I was so traumatized by the experience that I didn’t get the urge to post until today.  The last time I posted was in April and sooo much has happened here are like, 4 things that come to mind:


I was in the group that loved the ending. Now, before people lose ALL respect for me. I just want to say this.  Get over it.  I loved it.  Let’s move on.

I thought the ending was perfect. I loved it. Got it. And found it profoundly beautiful and satisfying. It was extremely straightforward: We all die. Time has no meaning. Helping others does. Love counts. What matters in the end are the relationships and the connections that you made with people…

That’s frigging beautiful!!  For some reason people didn’t like that. Some people wanted answers. Some people were content.  Maybe it really resonated with me because what I was going through a the time I don’t know. All I know is that I cried… a lot. 
It was very therapeutic. 

PS:  I love John Locke. What an amazing character…

My heart breaks for him, hate him, love him. What an awesome character. 


Ahh.. Limbo.  Sometimes a game just sneaks up on you and just kicks you in the balls. Granted, I don’t have balls but if I did they would surely have been kicked.  This game is so simple.  Jump, run, and push/pull. I mean, that’s about it. 

Never have I have been left so unsettled by a game. It’s creepy, sad, weird, and disturbing.

The story is very bare bones. It’s almost as if you have to fill in the blanks and honestly, I don’t know if I want to know what happens. NOT KNOWING is what’s creepy. 

Red Dead Redemption

This game is beautiful. I love it. I think it’s awesome. It made me long for the wild west.
It made me miss riding a horse and camping.

Even though the game is violent, Rockstar made it seem as if there were moments of beauty in between the violence.

PS: His nombre is John Marston. Don’t fuck with him.  He’s so bad ass!!!!

The Dark Tower Series

From one wild west to another.. this series was horrifying, maddening, frustrating, tragic, trying, exhilarating, and so many other words that I cannot put together in this post. (Ah, Discordia!)

I loved it and Roland. (Ahh.. Roland.)

I think this is where my crush on John Marston came from.

I loved every single minute of the Dark Tower. It
 quickly became one of my favorite series of all time. Characters that I fell in love with, cried with, mourned with, and just became so ANGRY with that I don’t know if at this moment I can forgive them for their deeds.  The experience of reading this book was shared with my roommates at the time so I also treasured the heated diner discussions that would leave us annoyed at each other until the server came by to refill our coffee (which was often).

Those were the highlights of my year so far and the year isn’t even over!!!

My intention is to get on the ball and start posting often.

We’ll see how long that lasts BWAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

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