Moved to Post Something

I was doing my thing this morning. Getting ready to go out and start the day when I saw some terrible news that kind of bummed me out and pushed me to post a blog:  One of my favorite Japanese producers passed away: Jun Seba, known as Nujabes. I guess he got in a car accident or something last month and his label JUST announced his passing.

Nujabes was awesome. He was known for his hip-hop skills and his ability to make some amazing beats and vibes. Man… I’m really bummed. Those of you may know him from an anime named Samurai Champloo.

I listen to his music like, every day.

I dug everything he did, and now he’s gone.

Life is so precious. Sometimes we get hung up over the stupid things in our lives and never take a step back and realize there is so much more to life.

Driftin Away Like A Feather In Air
Lettin My Words Take Me Away From The Hurt And Despair

RIP Jun Seba AKA Nujabes

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