Jurrasic Park and Sexism

Found this gem on the internet and I lost my shiz.

Jurassic Park is one of the great misandrist movies of our time, following a group of female dinosaurs as they seek to break out of the cages they were forced into by the scientific establishment and rich old white men, where they were forced into a lifetime of acting as ornaments and entertainment with their reproductive choices taken away.

That being said, here’s the newest trailer for the Jurassic Park movie.

Instead of female dinosaurs trying to break out of their cages, this one sounds like a an action movie involving pissed off lady-dino getting revenge on the patriarchy for not learning the first time around. Nothing will stop her— not even other dinos. She’s on a rampage!!!


In other words: SIGN. ME. UP!

Also, Chris Pratt is the Raptor King.


So yeah, I’m down for that.

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