I dreamt I dated Donald Trump

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t dating Trump. Because I’m a massive nerd, it always has to be about a video game or a comic book in some way. I have vivid dreams and occasionally I’ll have a huge sprawling action dream like this and I forget to write it down. This one was worth writing down.

I apologize in advance if it’s all over the place, I woke up and immediately started to type so a lot of this may be stream of consciousness.

OK, my dream, let me explain:

I dreamt I was running through the streets of a big city fighting a huge battle. I had a backstory.
I knew I was in an Overwatch like, world and I had to recruit my team and convince them that we had to save the President (of the world? I have no idea).  It was awesome.

I dashed from city to city and country to country recruiting the best of the best, all the while dodging and fighting robots, goons, planes and cars. I finally had assembled my team and we were ready.

We made it to this big city fighting our way through all the baddies and, because this was a dream, I took a detour and ran into an ex and had a dramatic and emotional side scene in the midst of this battle. Random.

I said goodbye to the ex when I realized the battle had gotten heavy and my team needed me.

So here I was, running through the streets of a random city doing the coolest stunts ever, and I get to what seems to be a park and my teammates are battling a huge robot. I immediately spring into action and help my teammates fight this massive thing. We obviously, take it down.

As we take a breather to recover I walk around the park and into the city. Something isn’t right. I’m starting to see weird people and I realize these aren’t people they’re clones and dream me has a revelation: I know who’s behind kidnapping the president and sending the world into Chaos. 

So I start to scream “Lex! Lex! Where the HELL are you!  Show yourself! I know it was you! We’ve got to end this! Lex!” I’m walking through the streets of the city noticing that some people look alike and who do they look like?  Lex Luther. No not idiotic Jesse Eisenberg Lex but comic book/cartoon Lex Luther. Tall, intimidating, imposing, powerful. The cloned were doing mundane things. Shop keepers, police, etc, etc.  

Anyway, I realize the whole city is compromised and in cahoots with Lex Luther (how, I have no idea) so I grab a passersby, tell my teammates to wait while I go ahead, and demand they tell me when he is.  The person says that Lex is busy and doesn’t like visitors and, (I remember this vividly) I roll my eyes and I say “Tell him Dianna is here. He’ll listen.”

Next thing I knew, I feel I pin prick in my neck and I’m disoriented and being taken to an underground bunker thing.  I wake up in a hospital bed in a pretty white gown with all my weapons gone and, for some reason, the me in the dream is so irritated to have lost her guns and that the dress is too poofy. And I’m so embarrassed to have him “see me like this”.  I see a figure on the other side of the curtain and I know it’s Lex Luther. Like, know it. The curtain draws and who do I see standing there? Donald fucking Trump.  Me me KNOWS it’s Donald Trump and is grossed out but, dream me knows him as Lex Luther her enemy or the “ex boyfriend who she’s still friendly and may still have feelings for but she can’t date him because she’s a kick ass freedom fighter and he’s a egomaniac who’s kidnapped the president sent the world to chaos and is apparently a super-villian”.

Anyway, “Lex” welcomes me and apologizes for the drugging and subsequent kidnapping and he extends his hand and says “I have a present for you” and guess who walks into the room: Prince.  I’m floored as I see him and Prince hands me a Dulce de leche Macaroon and walks away. “Lex” says ” yeah, he was tired of the limelight and moved here.” I remember sputtering “but he’s supposed to be dead!” And Trump laughs and says “clones remember?” And I nodded I took a bite of my Macaroon.

I finally had a chance to look around me and we were in an underground city and I remembered why I was here and reached for my guns but forgot they were gone. I resigned myself to talk to him. I asked “What are you doing Lex (Trump)? this isn’t you. What happened to you? Where did you lose your way?”

He proceeded to tell me how he wasn’t lost, that he was tired of watching people starve and countries go broke and he wanted to do something. So he kidnapped the president and wanted to take over and fix this world the way “we always talked about”. He went through all of his policies and I said, no, that’s not the way to do it. And we debated for (dream) hours and he realized that he was wrong in what he’d done.

I remember dream me’s heart breaking for Lex/Trump. I  told him “this isn’t the right way” and he said “oh yeah, you’re a part of… them. That’s disappointing. Do it quick, then… if you can.” And we fought for a bit. I knew he was holding back. I kicked him down to the floor, climbed on top of him for the final blow, he said “I’m glad it was you” and I stabbed him through the ribs into the heart: instant kill.

I remember looking at him and feeling so sad that he’d gone down this path and I had to go find the president to end this but then I woke up.

So yeah, that was my dream. Insane, no? It was pretty awesome and kind of sad. Made me wonder if our Donald Trump is a tragic figure as will.

Maybe he’s Earth 2 Trump?


I’m still not voting for him.

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