FGS: Fragging Gamer Stereotypes Panel


At this year’s PAX East I got the chance to be part of a panel with my fellow site mate Tony Polanco and our friends from 2D-X.com and the Examiner. This was my and some of the other panelists’ very first panel so it was really exciting.

There are a lot of prevailing stereotypes about gamers both within the gaming community and outside of it so we wanted to dispel some of them in a positive manner. This was a great experience for both the panelists and the audience who saw us that day.



Video games are a hobby that we both enjoy and love, but some of the perceptions associated with it (both from within our community and without) can prove most vexing. Be it the platforms on which we play or gender issues, there always seems to be a hot-button topic. Let’s talk and hug it out to foster a better video game community


Tim Torres [Editor-in-Chief, 2D-X.com] – @pleasedtomeetya
Gabriel Zamora [New York Video Game Examiner, Examiner.com] – @Dracozombie
Dianna Lora [Community Manager, Dualshockers.com] – @GrlpantsGR
Isaac Rouse [Community Manager, 2D-X.com] – @JokermanUno
Tony Polanco [Staff Writer, Dualshockers.com] – @Romudeth
Johnathan Gibbs [Production Manager, 2D-X.com] – @blasianFMA

Special thanks to Jeffrey Wilson (@jeffreylwilson) for putting this panel together.

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