I dreamt I started working in a new castle that a had a dark secret: there was something evil. I was the chosen one who was going to save the castle with my magical paintbrush by bringing color to the world.

It was fantastic. I would flick my wrist and the colors exploded and appeared on the wall. I didn’t use paint. I didn’t need it. I knew in my hear that is had to show the rest of the people in the castle.

I saw the evil. He was a hooded man who didn’t want anyone to be happy. I ran through the castle. The evil must be taken down! The world needed to see these beautiful colors!

As I appeared in the lobby I felt myself being lured to a room by a man who looked like John Travolta. It was silly, I know. I walked through a door and I was greeted me who kind of looked like a young Patrick Swayze. 


He was sitting above the door and he took me by surprise. I was slightly irritated by him and he said “Give me a chance. My hippy charm will win you over.” That made me laugh.

We walked and talked endlessly over things. I showed him my power to bring color to the world and he was amazed by it. He was captivated by me and I was captivated by him.

It was heartbreaking. I knew he would betray me. He was working for the evil hooded man. Even though I knew he would betray me I still couldn’t leave him.

But such things aren’t meant to be. As I was waking up I could feel him slipping away. He looked sad and he reached for me as I woke up.

I woke up sad as well.

… I want to go back.

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