Assassin’s Creed III lets gamers experience the power of…

Assassin’s Creed III lets gamers experience the power of Ubisoft-AnvilNext, the new game engine that brings Colonial America to life. Revolutionary physics, animation and weather systems deliver unprecedented realism and a revamped combat systems that delivers the most intense and vivid Assassin’s Creed experience to date. Only Ubisoft-AnvilNext has the power to deliver the scale and scope of the biggest Assassin’s Creed game ever on October 30. ___ We bring you a weekly podcast as well as updated video content, making sure the most important voice is always heard: YOURS! Gamer Reaction takes the reviews to the people you can trust: YOU. WEEKLY Podcast: Site: Twitter: Facebook: Donate: TAGS: “Assassin’s Creed (Video Game Series)” Outsider Templars American Revolution Native American “assassin’s creed 3” “assassin’s creed III” official yt:quality=high HD teaser trailer new 2012 first look preview never seen before overview sneak peek enemy video games gaming xbox 360 playstation 3 ps3 wii u PC ubisoft connor “PlayStation 3 (Video Game Platform)” “Xbox 360 (Video Game Platform)” Gameplay

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