The Reckoning Featuring Brandon Thomas, Khary Randolph & Emilio Lopez by For All Nerds Show

Well… we didn’t call it The Reckoning for anything… Get ready for Tatiana King & Benhameen to break down what has been happening in the pop culture industries over the last few weeks, as a lot of people have had to face the music. While every episode of ForAllNerds is about the realness, we had to take a long look at the industries that we know and love and examine what we need to all do to make a change. What Michael say? Take a look at yourself?
But that’s not all! We also welcome the creative team behind Excellence, the book that asks the question, what if Magical Negroes were a real thing?
Listen as Brandon Thomas, Khary Randolph, & Emilio Lopez speak on why you should be reading Excellence, what it means to be Black creators in the comics industry, and much more on this extra special episode.

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