Seattle, so far.

Seattle is great!! I’m loving it. From what I’ve seen it seems like a really low key city with low key people. I dig it. Mornings are cloudy and then by noon the sun is out and it’s gorgeous.

Last night I had a great introduction to the night life and had a chance to check out some live music.  The band playing: a Prince Cover band.  They were awesome and I boogied so much I woke up sore.  I visited the sculpture park, snuggled with some kitties, and tried some medicine in ecig form.

I’ve had delicious food and yummy coffee. My hosts, Matt and Jen, are being awesome and doing a great job of showing me around this beautiful city. I can totally see myself living here one day. 

Honestly, I’m so excited to explore the city and the area fully in the next few days!!  Here’s some photos and video of my two days here. Enjoy!

More on the way!

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