On being cold.

Oh hai blog.
I forgot I had you. I’m sorry. It’s not you, it’s totally me. It’s like, finding a diary when you’re cleaning your room and, as you leaf through the pages, you realize that you’ve grown up a little. You also start to realize that you were moody as a kid and kind of a brat– well, not me. I was perfect
You also fondly remember that time you had a crush on that dude at work and he ended up breaking your heart by getting back with his ex girlfriend who treated him like shit. (They’re married now, by the way). …I don’t even remember his name.
Anyway, my point is that I missed writing in you dear blog and I’m going to remedy that. This is my “Bridget Jones Diary”.
I gave you a revamp! (did you notice?) I fixed your colors up a bit and tweaked a little here and a little there. I think this blog is looking spiffier and spiffier. I look forward to your many other redesigns.
I’m going to harken back to the point of this blog: musings about food, anime, games and so much more. I’ve neglected you dear blog, and in some respects, I’ve neglected myself and my passions. Enough of that! New year. New-ish me. I need to write more. I need to experience more. I just need to do more for myself. Sometimes I feel like I’m so busy taking care of everything else BUT myself! Enough of that as well!
I’m starting a savings account. I think it’s about time. Going to use this method. 52 weeks in a year and you put in money every week. $52 first week of the year, $51 second week, so on and so forth. Or you can do it the other way: $1 the first week, 2$ the second week.. Etc etc. Anyway, you’re suppose to have $1200+ dollars in your savings by the end of the year and then you start all over again. I believe I can pull this off.  I’m (hopefully) going to be debt free my April. I say hopefully because you never know. Life has been known to throw some shitty things in ones path, eh? Going to be positive and keep on going.
I think that should be fine for now. Forgive the serious tone of this posting. It’s the new year and it’s cold outside.
Oh yeah, the point of this post. I’ve been so cold at work. We don’t have heat in the building because I guess the landlord didn’t think the building needed it?  That picture? Oh it’s me just wearing my hat scarf, poncho, two sweaters, with a cup of hot chocolate and numb fingers– for the whole day!  I shouldn’t complain. I have a job and a warm home to go to.  Others aren’t as fortunate.  …and I’ll remember to not complain as much when it’s ball HOOOT outside.
Any who, enough of me chattering on. I’ve got to brave the cold!
Thanks for reading!

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