I was in a podcast this week!

Pretty art from Broken Age

For those of you who don’t know, I’m the Community Manager for DualShockers. It’s a video game website and a great outlet for some of my opinions about gaming and stuff.

We recorded a podcast last night about the minor “controversy” that was surrounding the release of Double Fine’s Broken Age

I’m not going to go into my thoughts because I pretty much spoke about it ad nauseum yesterday in the podcast.

Anyway!  Here it is:

“Well, that didn’t take too long. 14 days into the new year and the gaming industry has already experienced its first – albeit, slight – controversy. This week on the ShockCast we decided to jump head-first into the issues surrounding Double Fine’s highly-anticipated Broken Age, and the role of the press in the latest debacle involving it. We also spoke a little bit about the news of SimCity’s new-found offline functionality, and did a rundown of some recent news. Enjoy!
This week I was joined by Jorge Jimenez (Staff Writer), Ryan Meitzler (Staff Writer), Tony Polanco (Staff Writer), and Dianna Lora (Community Manager). Many thanks to El Blanco Niño for our custom intro and outro.
Listen here 

Download the MP3 HERE. ” 

So what do you think?

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