I’ve come to the realization that I let people take advantage of me. The people that I love/care about; my friends, family, and even business associates.

I can’t let this continue. I don’t understanding why I let people walk all over me. Why I let myself be surrounded by some self centered people who only wish to talk about themselves or make themselves martyrs in every situation.

I know that I get uncomfortable talking about myself. Maybe its because I wasn’t allowed to express much feelings growing up. I was given the impression that crying is a sign of weakness and any show of weakness is not ok.

I know that I let things build up because of this. I burst into tears when someone asks me if I’m ok. Like, sincerely asks me.

Why do I feel so guilty talking about myself? I really need to get over this.  I find myself filtering my scrutinizing my every word. Afraid to talk sometimes..  I know its pathetic. I should stick up for myself.

I’ll make the effort. I promise myself this. I need to focus on myself. Do things by myself. Meet new people. Be unafraid.  And cut communication with the people who give me this complex. 

They’ll live.  If they want to be my friend they’ll make the effort.  It’s draining trying to be friends with someone who lot talks about themselves…

Cut. Them. Out.

That should be a good start.

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